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Domain name yard sale

Here are a load of domain names I am getting rid of because the cunning plan I once had for them has died.

Shout if you want any of them

Independent Coffee

Independent Coffee is a collection of business notes from my Urban Coffee adventure. It captures the lessons I learn from running a coffee business and industry related information. The hope is that these notes prove useful for other independent coffee shop owners and it makes the indy scene stronger and more competitive.

I may also use these notes to create a book at some point in the future.

I also run a how to start a coffee shop course from time to time


Off snowboarding on Tuesday to Lake Tahoe, Calafornia, US. Snowreport says they have had 107 cm in the last 48hrs which sounds great.

Adventures in Business

Adventures in Business is my umbrella company for my entrepreneurial activity. Every time I have a bright idea for a new business adventure it is done under this umbrella. I also blog about the progress of each business from idea stage through to launch or through to failure.

View the Adventures

Urban Coffee Company

Urban is a small independent cafe chain based in Birmingham. At Urban we caffeinate, feed, quench the thirst and WOW our customers through breakfast, lunch & dinner

Urban Coffee Company was started in 2009 and it now has two cafe emporiums in Birmingham with planned expansion.