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New Year Resolutions 2013

Last year I had ambitiously set 12 resolutions and achieved 6 out of them and had a stab at the rest. Not really good enough but plenty of excuses could ensue as to why the other 6 were not met but I will save it for someone who cares.

2012 Resolutions

Completed- Get to a fighting weight of 96kg
Failed – Two exercise sessions a week
Completed – Get Urban Coffee to a 500k revenue
Failed – Get Urban Coffee to a 10% Net profit business
Completed – Visit a European capital city
Failed – Take part in an adventure race
Failed – Complete draft of book (although had a chapter published)
Failed – Dress smarter
Completed – Do something for charity
Completed – Eat more fruit
Completed – Be less grumpy (quit my job, that helped)
Failed – Wear more fancy dress

2013 Resolutions

– Get Urban Coffee to 750k revenue
– Visit a European capital city
– Do something for charity
– Learn to code/electronics – Internet of things stylee
–┬áComplete draft of book