Monthly Archives: July 2013


I came up for this idea a while back but did little with it mainly because of the cost of a quadrocopter. I noticed that a Dutch entrepreneur has done a little more and also coined the phrase CoffeeCopter, they have built a prototype and performed a test flight.

Starbucks has also recently announced they are to use drones for delivery, but at the moment it looks like jumping on the bandwagon rather than a credible option.


Twettle (tweeting kettle) is not a new concept in fact Ben Perman came up with the idea back in 2010 and had some concept designs completed, see the story. However despite amazing media coverage the project never got off the ground.

I had the same idea in 2011 and began research only to come across Ben’s twettle and thought I had been beaten to it, but on further digging it looked like the project had been abandoned. So in 2012 I picked the project up and began research, I had the very simple graphic produced to give people an idea of how it would work. I purchased & and started to talk to Warwick University about helping with the development, unfortunately that offer of support faded away.

After a gap of a few months the project is back on. Here is the plan:

– Designs completed

– Electronics designed

– Proof of concept device built

– Kickstarter project launched