Monthly Archives: June 2018

Guardian GPS Tracker

Protect your Land Rover with the Green Oval Guardian GPS Tracker & Guardian Live Service

We are on a mission to try and protect our Land Rover’s. Like you we have invested blood, sweat, tears and more money than we should into our Land Rover’s and we don’t want them stolen.

The Land Rover Defender is now the second most stolen vehicle in the UK, a tracker can help us recover some of the lost ones.

Green Oval Podcast

The Green Oval Podcast, the podcast for Land Rover owners, enthusiasts and adventurers

The Green Oval Podcast is the world’s second Land Rover podcast. Each episode we catch up with someone like you out in Land Rover land and hear your stories, we will have some regular contributors and we will try and keep up with the latest musing from Jaguar Land Rover themselves.