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My DriveWay App

My Driveway, the mobile app for keeping all your car information in one place, it acts as your personal assistant reminding you when things are due like you MOT, Tax, insurance or next service. Next time you need a bit of information about your car just reach for your mobile phone, My Driveway has it. My Driveway the ultimate car management app.

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One of my passions is cars and Land Rover’s and a couple of years ago a friend and I embarked upon the Crumball Rally, you buy a car for less than £150 then drive around Europe with a whole bunch of other mad people. Well that gave us the bug and since then we embarked on further mad automotive adventures.  We have driven across the Sahara Desert to Mauritania in Africa, Azerbaijan and now have plans for an Arctic Circle trip.


Birmingham Entrepreneurs

I created Birmingham Entrepreneurs as a meetup group in 2008 because Birmingham had nothing like it. As the 2nd city I expected something like this would have existed but after some checking it didn’t. So now on a monthly basis a group of potential and current entrepreneurs get together to swap notes.  This group is now the 5th biggest group in Birmingham (2500 members). Join here