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Beans App – making independent cafe’s smarter

The Beans App has been developed as a result of 10 years of running a small chain of cafe’s.

Going from lots of paper checklists & paper files for managing employees through to complicated spreadsheets. None of these solutions were ideal and none allowed for  a smooth running business. The biggest opportunity we saw with developing our own app was to use the collected data to better understand our business and make quicker and more informed business decisions.

Guardian GPS Tracker

Protect your Land Rover with the Green Oval Guardian GPS Tracker & Guardian Live Service

We are on a mission to try and protect our Land Rover’s. Like you we have invested blood, sweat, tears and more money than we should into our Land Rover’s and we don’t want them stolen.

The Land Rover Defender is now the second most stolen vehicle in the UK, a tracker can help us recover some of the lost ones.

Green Oval Podcast

The Green Oval Podcast, the podcast for Land Rover owners, enthusiasts and adventurers

The Green Oval Podcast is the world’s second Land Rover podcast. Each episode we catch up with someone like you out in Land Rover land and hear your stories, we will have some regular contributors and we will try and keep up with the latest musing from Jaguar Land Rover themselves.

Independent Coffee

Independent Coffee is a collection of business notes from my Urban Coffee adventure. It captures the lessons I learn from running a coffee business and industry related information. The hope is that these notes prove useful for other independent coffee shop owners and it makes the indy scene stronger and more competitive.

I may also use these notes to create a book at some point in the future.

I also run a how to start a coffee shop course from time to time

Urban Coffee Company

Urban is a small independent cafe chain based in Birmingham. At Urban we caffeinate, feed, quench the thirst and WOW our customers through breakfast, lunch & dinner

Urban Coffee Company was started in 2009 and it now has two cafe emporiums in Birmingham with planned expansion.

Silicon Canal

I help co-found Silicon Canal in 2015 along with a number of tech CEO’s from across the city. Silicon Canal is a community interest company established to Connect, Promote & Support the Birmingham tech ecosystem. It now has over 2500 members.


One of my passions is cars and Land Rover’s and a couple of years ago a friend and I embarked upon the Crumball Rally, you buy a car for less than £150 then drive around Europe with a whole bunch of other mad people. Well that gave us the bug and since then we embarked on further mad automotive adventures.  We have driven across the Sahara Desert to Mauritania in Africa, Azerbaijan and now have plans for an Arctic Circle trip.


Birmingham Entrepreneurs

I created Birmingham Entrepreneurs as a meetup group in 2008 because Birmingham had nothing like it. As the 2nd city I expected something like this would have existed but after some checking it didn’t. So now on a monthly basis a group of potential and current entrepreneurs get together to swap notes.  This group is now the 5th biggest group in Birmingham (2500 members). Join here