I enjoy physical and mental challenges. Here are some of the mad things I have done.

Drove across the Sahara Desert (Birmingham to Mauritania in a £120 car)
Santana Trophy - Land Rover rally across the Sahara desert
Birmingham to Azerbaijan in a £200 car (picture taken in Tbilisi, Georgia)
Black Mountain Challenge – 50km, 15 summits in under 8hrs
Wolf Run – it’s a hardcore 10k run across raw natural terrain, including open ground, woodland, lakes & thick mud.
Lanyard Trophy – 40miles with 40lbs of weight
Crumball Rally – Italian Job drive across Europe in a £200 car
Tough Guy, the original adventure race, 15km with 250 obstacles
Ascent of Mount Blanc, highest mountain in Europe, 4,810m
Trekking in the Coastal Mountains in British Columbia, Canada
Heli lift during operational tour in Bosnia
Snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef
Driving Nurgburgring, 13 miles of The Green Hell (3-12 people die per year on the track)
Snowboarding in France, Italy, US & Canada
Ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, highest mountain in Africa, 5895m
Quad Biking in Tunisia
White Water Rafting in Australia
White Collar Boxing – Heavyweight bout