Startup Investor Advisor

If you are looking to raise a Seed, Seed+ or A-Round for your tech startup then I maybe able to help. I have helped over 50 startups raise north of £10 million in the last few years and have an extensive network of investor contacts.

If you are looking to raise between £100k – £1million and want help then get in touch. My service is not for everyone because I require an upfront fee + a success fee on completion of a funding round.

Why do you charge an upfront Fee?

There are two reasons for the upfront fee:

1- It weeds out those who are serious about raising investment and value my expertise

2- All of the work is upfront and the reality is that for no fault of either the startup or myself some deals don’t go through and the upfront fee allows me to cover some of my costs.

What will you do for my startup?

  • Curate your investment pack
  • Search & Match – Shortlist suitable investors, these are investors who have invested in your sector, your stage and your investment level
  • Advertise your investment opportunity via newsletter to a larger group of investors to capture any not profiled by the search & match
  • Introduce you via email to all the investors who you have been matched with during the Search & Match
  • Chase up interest and push investors to a close

Why outsource this?

You could of course do this yourself and many entrepreneurs do.

– These are matched investors so more likely to accept a pitch

– Saves your time  (typically weeks & weeks, raising investment is a full-time job)

– Our investor database is up to date and changing daily

– We find the hard to reach investors

– We have a great success rate

Small Print

  • Once I have completed due diligence on your startup I may decide I can’t help you raise, don’t be insulted its just I feel I don’t have the relationships to really help you. (I don’t charge anything until this phase is complete)
  • There is no guarantee I will be able to raise you investment (but I will have a bloody good go)
  • I can’t do the pitching for you (you and the team must pitch your business)

How much do you charge?

Nice and simple:

  • £500 upfront fee (once paid I get started)
  • 5% of any money raised via one of my introductions